Size isn’t everything, but it sure helps when you’ve got a big bunch of gear to carry around. More is always more, and in the carry world, we like to keep our options open with a selection of bags that cater to those with a larger kit.

If you’re the type who needs a large travel backpack, whether on your daily commute, vacation or weekend getaway, Crafted Goods specializes in a range of high grade selections guaranteed to meet the brief. If you’re after a backpack with multiple compartments, look no further than some of our bestsellers, including the EIGER 25L, the SIMPLON 18L, and the RIGI 25L.

Though lovers of the outdoors, we also live the urban life, so we understand first-hand how essential it is to have a bag with versatility. For us, that means a multi compartment backpack designed with all your gear in mind, from laptops to gym gear, work stuff to what you need for a trip away.

When it comes to quality, travel compartment bags are few and far between on the carry scene; Crafted Goods bags, on the other hand, are built and designed lovingly to last the distance: made using only the very best military grade materials, using the watchful eye and masterful handiwork of the finest in Swiss design.

If you’re after a large backpack with all the trimmings – something minimal, sleek, street-ready and built for every purpose – look no further. Shop online today with Crafted Goods and make the most of our secure payment options and speedy shipping. PayPal available.