Rail, hail, or shine, there’s no substitute for a backpack with high-grade water resistance. It doesn’t matter if you live in the jungle, mountain, city, desert, or beyond: a backpack without water resistance can’t cut it for the demands of everyday use.

Our backpacks are built with a few things in mind. First, they’ve got to look good – our Swiss designers know aesthetics like the back of their hand, and we bring expert nous to our modern backpack blueprints. Secondly, they’ve got to be functional, and this element has to rank just as highly as how easy the bag is on the eye.

To us, functionality means more than just being ‘easy to use’ – it has to withstand the rough and tumble demands of modern life, and it absolutely has to last the distance. For those reasons, we always use the highest-grade materials for all sections and components, including Denier Ballistic water resistant fabric, for the ultimate waterproof laptop backpack. Above all, your tech and devices need to feel safe and secure in their mobile homes, and our backpacks meet the brief above and beyond.

For the best small waterproof backpack, the Crafted Goods RIGI 25L is in a field of its own, built to last, and resist the elements, in three exciting colourways. All our models make for an excellent travel backpack, waterproof for those inclement morning transits, and extended trips on vacation.

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