When you’re on the move and on the go, the best backpack for traveling needs to be as versatile as possible, within the confines of conventional shape and size. 

It needs to be the best travel bag for carry on – even if you’re not flying at the moment, the best carry on backpack size is always a good choice: in the car, on the train, the bus, skiff, chopper, skateboard, e-scooter, hovercraft, you name it.

Ultimately, our range of sleek traveling bags optimizes size with high-end functionality and aesthetics. 

Travel can leave its mark on a bag and degrade it over time, which is why we use only the most hardwearing materials, including military-grade ballistic nylon for incredible strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to abrasions and tears.

High grade specs also means travel backpack safety, giving you peace of mind knowing you’ve got yourself a top grade travel laptop backpack as well, with all your electronics and modern gadgets safely protected together in the one place.

But as well as something hard-wearing, you also need something that looks good: a travel backpack created with the finest in Swiss design aesthetics, for that incomparable European touch that sets the best from the rest.

Within our industry-acclaimed ULTIMATE and PERPETUAL ranges, you’ll also find the very best business travel backpack: a series of products with their own unique specs and flourishes, built for premium diversity and simplicity in one hit.

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