In the pantheon of backpack styles and types, there’s a unique design and functionality for every taste.

One of the most popular options in the backpack world in recent years is the roll top bag: ever reliable, always easy on the eye, and effortlessly functional while giving the most versatility for urban and outdoor use.

There are a host of benefits in favour of choosing a solid, waterproof roll top backpack, most of which transcend aesthetics alone.

One of the best parts about a roll top bag is top down compression, allowing you to compress your gear into one smooth, tightly packed unit, giving maximum space to fit in more of your stuff without any issues.

That, and the size of the roll top opening – while other backpacks are often built with constricting zip openings, roll tops give a naturally wide yield, helping you fit bulkier and more demanding items neatly inside. Naturally, this also makes everything inside that much easier to navigate, so you can retrieve and replace your contents without fuss or too much hassle.

The best roll top backpack functions like a boss and looks just as good, without too many bells and whistles. Our roll tops keep the straps and external action to a minimum, so you can carry more with you, with the faith that your gear is as absolutely secure as possible. We use only the finest straps in the game, with high grade ballistic nylon and YKK® Aquaguard water repellent zippers.

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